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Nov '09

14 Party Friendly Pie Recipe Ideas for the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and Christmas Pie Recipes: Eat Pie Neon Sign

Carolina Christmas Pomegranate Milk Pie Recipe by Doug DuCap Among the items on the long, long list of Things I’ll Never Get Around to is an experiment in what could be called Pseudo Food Science: I would like to spread out a bunch of iron filings on a table and set a freshly baked pie in the center of them to see if pies do generate an actual magnetic field. I have a strong suspicion, though, that I’d need a whole lot of iron filings to determine the field strength.

We all know that pie has the power to draw us to the kitchen from our comfortable position on the couch or even from a deep sleep to have “just one more little sliver” (which inevitably turns into a slice-and-a-half), but consider the pull that hundreds of pies had on one 19th Century fellow:

“I was a boy of sixteen when I began to grow tired of working in the potato fields of Long Island. I threw down my hoe one day, tramped to the ferry, where I persuaded the man at the ticket office to let me cross for the only cent I had in the world. I came over to New York, found work with a baker that night, and have been in the business ever since.”

–William Thompson/ President of the The New York Pie Baking Company, the largest pie bakery in the world in 1895
(9/14/1895 New York Times Article: Pie and its Devotees; The Season for Pumpkin and Cranberry at Hand)


The good news is that, even in this modern age, you too can set up your own local area magnetic “pie field” in your very own kitchen using these tasty recipes. Make any of them and you’re sure to draw family and friends to your table.

Imagine that: a magnetic “pie field” that once extended from Long Island all the way to Manhattan! Ah, the good old days – they really knew how to make pies back then!

Below are 14 delicious pie recipes that would be a memorable part of any holiday meal or party, plus a few helpful pie making tips.


14 Party Friendly Pie Recipes for the Holidays
Helpful Pie Making Tips

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(Photo Credit: Eat Pie by Dawn Endico.)

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