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Sep '09

2 Minute Party Trick: How to Quickly Chill Many Cans of Soda (or Beer)

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Weekend Video Spotlight If you’ve ever run out of cold canned soda in your refrigerator during a cookout and had to tediously add a large quantity of ice to each lukewarm drink to chill it to a reasonable temperature (or in the case of beer, ended up having to make a mid-party emergency trip to the store to get more “cold ones”), then the below tip is for you.

Using the same basic scientific principle that many home cooks use to speed up the cooling of homemade ice cream, this helpful tip will allow you to easily cool several cans of beverages at a time in approximately 2 minutes. (Short enough that your guests won’t notice your absence, yet long enough to serve a few hamburgers off the grill while you are waiting.)

(You can find some Award Winning Gourmet Hamburger Recipes from The Build a Better Burger Recipe Contest here.)

For this Handy Party Trick / Experiment You Will Need:

1. Some lukewarm cans of soda (beer, etc.)

2. Ice

3. Salt (this is what actually speeds up the chilling)

4. A large enough waterproof bowl, bucket, cooler bin, or container to fit the drink cans you need to cool off

(Of course, the more cans you have, the larger your container as well as the amount of ice and salt will need to be.)

Best of all, this method is so easy that in the time it takes to watch this 57 second YouTube video, the cooling of your canned drinks could be nearly halfway done.

Gentlemen (or Gentlewomen), start your engines and please watch this video by Kipkay below!


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