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Aug '09

Magical Peanut Butter Moon Pie Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe

Magical Peanut Butter Moon Pie Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe by Doug DuCap

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There are places on this earth, I’m told, where the light of a Moon Pie has never shone…

What a sad thought that is! Since I happen to love these gooey/crumbly/chocolatey/cakey/marshmallow treats, I guess I’m very fortunate to be living in the South, where Moon Pies are thick on the ground. Well, not literally ‘thick on the ground’…that would be like trying to walk on six-inch memory foam sidewalks. What I mean is they’re everywhere you turn….no, wait…that’s not right either…that would be kind of like being locked in a padded Moon Pie asylum. I guess what I’m trying to say is… ahhh, never mind.

What’s important here is that this shake is good. Damned good. It’s got a pulverized Moon Pie blended with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Oh yeah, and it’s got peanut butter in there too. Nothin’ wrong with that, bubba!

Four Moons Restaurant: Orangeburg, SC: RC Cola and a Moon Pie
Another good thing about this shake is that it’s old-fashioned: it’s thick, but not artificially thick like some commercial shakes are now — you know what I mean, the ones that make wonder if some prankster at the factory glued the ends of your straw shut. The kind of shakes that make you feel like you’re about to suffer from S.C.P. or Sudden Cerebral Prolapse*, a condition caused by excessive suction wherein your brain suddenly pokes out of both your ears. Yes, it may look comical, but it’s quite heartbreaking, really.

*PLEASE NOTE: there isn’t any such condition as Sudden Cerebral Prolapse and we are not the donation headquarters, so please don’t send us any more…wait a minute, what am I saying? Of course we’re the World Headquarters for research into this devestating syndrome that virtually tears whole families apart (as opposed to, you know, grizzly bears or Bengal tigers, which literally tear whole families apart, but that’s another matter…) Scientists here at the S.C.P. Institute are working tirelessly around the clock, but they need your support. Won’t you help by sending large checks with lots of zeroes? And for a limited time, you’ll receive our new bumper sticker, “Sudden Cerebral Prolapse Sucks!”, with every donation…

Errr, ahem. Excuse me. I got a little carried away there. Sugar makes me do funny things sometimes. I dont tell many people this, but I’ve even woken up in strange towns, flat broke and surrounded by candy wrappers, with absolutely no idea how I got there. But that happens to everyone once in a while, doesn’t it? Well?

Seriously, do try this shake. You’ll love it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go outside and howl at the big Moon Pie in the sky.

Here’s how to make the Magical Peanut Butter Moon Pie Milkshake:


1 chocolate Moon Pie
1/2 cup half & half
2 Tbsp peanut butter (I used the all-natural, ground-on-demand stuff because, you know, milk shakes are health food, right?)
2 Tbsp chocolate syrup (I used good ol’ reliable Hershey’s!)
1 cup vanilla ice cream (get the good stuff, not the ‘churned’ full of air kind!)
Whipped cream


(Note: I made this in a food processor because, well, because I seem to own a ninja blender. When I don’t need it, I sometimes think I see it out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn around? – WHOOSH – nothing! Gone without a trace. Needless to say, when I actually need it, it‘s probably hanging upside down in the attic rafters meditating on the fleeting nature of alternating current or something… ummm, oh yeah, I remember now: the food processor worked out fine. Just so you know.)

Chop or break up the Moon Pie into small pieces. Set your food processor on ‘annihilate’, or if you don’t have that setting, just pulse it until the Moon Pie is ground up into nanoparticles. Add the half & half, peanut butter, and chocolate syrup. Whip it good! Then add the ice cream, bring it lovingly into the fold using the ‘pummel’ setting, pour it into a tall glass, and decorate it with whipped cream.

Gaze on its beauty. Stare longingly at it. Meditate on the fleeting nature of milkshakes. Or take a picture – it’ll last longer. A lot longer. Cause after you take that first sip? That milkshake won’t know what hit it.


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