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Jun '09

Weird, Wacky, and Fun Ways to Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

How to Make Grilled Cheese With an Iron, a Propane Blowtorch or Cook's Kitchen Torch, Printer's Heat press, and Other Odd MethodsThey say that necessity is the mother of invention! Here’s a few off the wall, wonderfully weird, wacky, and fun ways some people make grilled cheese sandwiches which we hope will help spark a few new (and perhaps exciting) ideas for making grilled cheese of your own!

As always, when adding new cooking techniques to your culinary repertoire, don’t forget to exercise basic caution to stay safe in the kitchen.


How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich With an Iron:

This is an easy and fun way that anyone can enjoy delicious grilled sandwiches; whether you’re craving some comfort food in your hotel or motel room when you’re traveling on the road, cooking in your college dorm, or just for the novelty of it.

You’ll want to use the highest setting on your iron (I find the Cotton setting works best), get some foil to insulate the heat around the sandwich, and use a clean towel to work as a burn resistant ironing surface if you aren’t doing this on an ironing board.

On some irons, there’s a setting where the iron automatically shuts itself off periodically to avoid overheating, so you might want to occasionally lift the iron away from the foil surface so its sensors don’t tell the iron to stop providing the necessary heat you need to achieve grilled cheese goodness.

In most cases, a small travel iron will work too, though it will take longer to grill the bread than a standard iron does.

In the video below, Chef John of FoodWishes, used the iron in his Vegas hotel room to make a cheesy in-room snack. In his variation of grilled cheese made with an iron, Chef John grabs some butter packets, mayo, a plastic knife (or you could use your own portable Swiss Army knife), and some foil from the hotel’s restaurant/snack area to make a grilled cheese ham sandwich. The mayonnaise is optional, but is used to add a richer flavor to the sandwich.

As you will see, for the best results and more even toasting, a single layer of foil works best.

The Art of Grilled Cheese Sandwich Making on a Heat Press:

In the video below, two guys from F&M Expressions make easy office grilled cheese sandwiches at work using a Hotronix Heat Press, a device more commonly used in the print and sign making industry to imprint custom designs and logos on t-shirts, caps, mugs, posters, sign boards, and jigsaw puzzles.

Here, they use their heat press to make five personalized grilled cheese sandwiches at a time for everyone in their office using wax paper (although some prefer to use a silicone sheet instead) and of course, buttered bread and cheese.

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich With a Blowtorch (or Kitchen Cooking Torch)

While the video below won’t show you how to make your favorite grilled cheese recipes using a blowtorch, if you already know how to make grilled cheese in a skillet, after watching this it’s easy enough to extrapolate how to make grilled cheese using a standard issue propane blowtorch.

(The kind you find at any hardware store for $20-$30…about the same price as a kitchen cooking torch, but with noticeably faster results.)

In the video, Dr. Kiki Sanford explains the basics of using a propane blowtorch in your kitchen; showing how to brown a creme brulee, make roasted peppers and corn as well as to toast nuts, as well as to make pineapple topped with carmelized sugar:

Video Demonstrating How to Use a Blowtorch for Cooking in the Kitchen

How About a Virtual Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Making a Cheese Grilled Sandwich Sim for the Sims 2:

Here’s one way to make all the grilled cheese sandwiches you want and not gain an ounce…by creating a gaming character who loves to cook virtual grilled cheese sandwiches in the Sims 2 life simulation computer game.

According to this video, even though you won’t gain weight, like a modern day Dorian Gray, your grilled cheese obsessed character will.

Additionally, once you setup the special grilled cheese sandwich aspiration sim, his motivation to frequently make grilled cheese may also put him into conflict with other characters who don’t share his culinary aspirations, perhaps negatively affecting his love life (and his taste in wall art).

Worst of all, if you deprive him of all the grilled cheese he wants he will find himself bitterly bemoaning his grilled cheese sandwich free state.

I think I know how he feels!

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(Photo Credit: Hot Iron by Mike Neilson.)

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