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Aug '08

20 Blogs Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Here’s a list of 20 sugary blogs guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth that celebrate the world of cakes, candy, chocolate, ice cream, cup cakes, and other good (if somewhat guilt inducing) eats.

As Don Kardong once said, “Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

Here’s our list, in alphabetical order…


Ah donuts. As someone who’s spent more than their fair share of time haunting various donut shops up and down the East coast and drinking gallons of coffee, Blognut is definitely my go-to site for all things donut-centric. Boston cream or French crullers, anyone?

Cake Spy

Covering the world of baked goods with articles on such topics as how not to make chocolate chip cookies, exploring the historical difference between cake and gateau, as well as travels to baked good meccas in such places as Philadelphia, Seattle, New York, and the Jersey shore, the Cake Spy blog is also sprinkled with Jessie Oleson’s delightfully whimsical sketches of cupcakes visiting the circus and the Chrysler Building.

Cake Wrecks

Whatever you do, don’t visit this site while you’re at work unless you want to be caught laughing at cakes with hilariously inappropriate designs, unfortunate misspellings, frightful frosting, and much worse.

If you’d like to read more about the joys of Cake Wrecks, we’ve covered it all here.

Candy Addict

As you might suspect, Candy Addict is a very comprehensive blog about candy, with reviews of such nostalgic candies as Boston Baked Beans to newer confections as pomegranate flavored Tootsie Pops, Reeses Hazelnut Creme, Chocolate Creme de Menthe Altoids, and the truly terrifying Chum Bucket Mints.

Candy From Strangers

Currently in Grenada, after three years of saving up for the trip, blog author Malena travels the world sampling sweets and sharing what she’s seen. Part travelogue and part candy review site, this blog offers an interesting look at international candies and the countries that make them.

Cannelle et Vanille

With its sensual photographs and quality writing, Cannelle et Vanille offers a sophisticated exploration of the many delights of baked goods as well as the techniques and ingredients necessary to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Charmaine’s Pastry Blog

Former ophthalmologist turned pastry cook Charmaine shares her passion for all things pastry as well as her adventures in cake decorating here.

Cheesecake Recipes

Since my wife and I are originally from the New York area, it’s no wonder that we’d be more than happy to eat cheesecake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The new Cheesecake Recipes blog could be the first step in finding inspiration towards making that dream happen.


Care to debate the merits of Belgian chocolate over Swiss, compare the offerings of Lindt, Ghirardelli, Godiva, and Isis to those from Cadbury, Nestle, and Hershey? You’re just one click away from the perfect place to do just that.

Cookie Madness

Double trouble potato chip cookies? Peanut butter and chipotle cookies? Ricotta cheese and Wheaties cookies? All this and more can be found on this blog that mainly focuses on the sharing of cookie recipes.

A Daily Scoop

If it’s made of ice cream, the folks at A Daily Scoop review, announce, and discuss it.

Dessert Buzz

If you have a sweet tooth and are planning a trip to NYC you might want to hit this site first so you don’t miss out on any treats when you tour the Big (candied) Apple.

Dessert First

As Ernestine Ulmer said, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Apparently, the creators of this site couldn’t agree more, with their emphasis on the sweetest meal of the day. Don’t miss their post about and recipe for Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream.

How to Eat a Cup Cake

Each week, the readers of How to Eat a Cup Cake vote for which cupcake recipe from the book Cupcake Heaven gets featured and made on the blog. This week’s winner: Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes.

Japanese Ice Cream

From the title of this blog it’s easy to get an idea what the Japanese Ice Cream site is about, but have you ever tried those delicious red bean, green tea, and black sesame flavored ice creams lurking in the coolers of your local Asian food market? If not, you should.

Kitchen Cakes

With recipes for such down-home favorites as peach cobbler, oatmeal raisin bars, and chocolate rum cake, this blog is a comfort food compendium of recipes from the sweeter side of life.

Peanut Butter Boy

While not strictly speaking a sweets-only blog, how could we not list a blog in which every post and recipe features peanut butter in a starring role?

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum likes it sweet. From Chocolate Macadamia Coconut Pie to Rainier Cherry and Crumb Crostata to such delights as Buttermilk Frozen Custard With Bourbon Roasted Peaches and Brown Sugar Walnuts Emiline’s definitely not afraid to explore the sensual side of working with fresh ingredients.

Sugar Savvy

A true sugar lovers blog, this site is junk food central, full of reviews of new and old favorites from the candy and ice cream aisles.

Sweet and Simple Bakes

If you’re just getting started out with baking, this is the site for you. With monthly baking blog roundups, this site is an excellent way to find the inspiration and motivation one needs to just off one’s cookie sheet and start baking with confidence.

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